Brief Introduction

In term of workpiece and drilling requirement, GSM introduced diversified clamping design. Guarantee quick and easy positioning, loading and unloading.

GSM’s automatic loading system is consisted of manipulator, truss, industrial robot, functional machinery, etc.

Together with conveyor, tooling system and functional sensors, constitute a complete automation system. Which realizes automatic ordering, positioning, loading, clamping, drilling, unloading and other automatic requirements.

The automation system is also equipped with monitoring functions for material shortage, material feeding accuracy and clamping pressure, etc.

By automatic loading mode, realizes different level of single machine automatic working or full automatic production line which satisfies control technology combination, control signal and workpiece transmission.

automation machineautomation

tooling and automationtooling and automationmanipulator

Automation Saves Cost

  1. Saves cost of manpower.
  2. Reduces requirement for workers’ techniques.
  3. Relieves dependence on human.
  4. Greatly promotes processing efficiency and stables the rhythm.
  5. Reduces middle procedure to ensure quality of finished.
  6. Realizes fast technology combination to speed up production.
  7. Protect your staff from injuries during production.