Machine Automation

Machine automation of GSM is designed and built into deep hole drilling machine . 

The automation systems includes programmable conveyor, intellectual manipulator and functional components.Capable for flexible combination to satisfy different processing situation. The main purpose is to save management cost and increase productivity.

The system contains monitoring functions for material shortage, material feeding accuracy and clamping pressure, etc. Therefore, the system realizes safe, easy and effective operation.

With flexible tooling, when under automatic loading mode, achieves different level of single machine automation or full unattended processing.

GSM will closely study your application, workpiece, production requirement and budget, etc in idea development.

deep hole drilling deep hole drilling machine auto loadingdeep hole drilling machine auto loading

machine automationlaodingmachine automation

With combined automation system, can greatly promote production. Most of GSM’s machines are compatible with automation system. However, the system doesn’t fit for all kinds of parts. Non-compatible automation may not help to progress on-site management and productivity, but may slow down all procedure. 

GSM provides consulting service if you have such kind of needs. Or please feel free to contact us with your case for quick feedback.

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Automation Benefits

  1. With automation, less labor is required to manage production line, thus saves your cost of manpower.
  2. By programming and automatic operation, workers’ technique influence will be reduced to a super low level.
  3. thus, relieves dependence on human.
  4. Greatly promotes processing efficiency and stables the rhythm.
  5. Because of less middle procedure, guarantee finished quality.
  6. Realizes fast technology combination, so that speed up production.
  7. As human power is replaced by auto operation, the system can keep workers from injuries.