• GSM lists some recommended models for certain conditions like drilling diameter, drilling depth, etc. 
  • You also source by your industry, parts type, etc.
  • To have a general idea about GSM machine, you may refer to “GSM Machine Overview“.
  • Please always be free to directly CONSULT with GSM of what you need.

By Drilling Diameter

∅1.0 – ∅8.0mm: ZK2108 l ZK2108F

∅3.0 – ∅15.0mm: ZK2115 l ZK2115E

∅5.0 – ∅20.0mm: ZK2120 l ZK2120C 

∅5.0 – ∅30.0mm: ZK2125 l ZK2125C l ZK2130C l ZK2130E l ZK2125F l ZK2130F l ZK2135G

∅16.0 – ∅30.0mm: ZK2130D  

∅16.0 – ∅60.0mm: ZK2160D

∅30.0 – ∅100.0mm: ZK21150D l ZK21100D

By Drilling Hole Type

Concentric Hole Only:  ZK21 l ZK21D

Concentric & Eccentric Hole: ZK21C l ZK21E l ZK21F l ZK21G l ZK21150D

Indexable Hole Drilling: ZK21E l ZK21F l ZK21G

3-coordinate Hole Drilling: ZK21F l ZK21G

By Parts Shape

Rotary Shaft Shaped (cylinder, round bar, etc.): ZK21 l ZK21C l ZK21E l ZK21D

Plate Shaped (sheet, board ,etc.): ZK21C l ZK21F l ZK21G

Box Shaped: ZK21F l ZK21G

By Industry

Auto parts: ZK21 l ZK21F l ZK21G

Textile Machinery: ZK21 ZK21E 

Medical Parts: ZK21

Hydraulic Parts: ZK21C ZK21E l ZK21F l ZK21G l ZK21D

Mold Manufacturing: ZK21F ZK21G l ZK21D

Heavy Machinery:  ZK21D

Above are typical industries that GSM has served. But GSM’s machines are not limited to those industries only.

Recommended Models for Typical Parts

Steering Shaft, Connection Rod, etc.: ZK2115*4B/500

Rack Shaft, Gear Shaft, Gun Barrel, etc.: ZK2120*4B/500

Medical Parts, Needle Valve, Plunger Bush,etc.: ZK2108*2B/500

Heat Roller,etc.: ZK2115*2E/1000

Hydraulic Cylinder,etc.: ZK2130E/2500

Piston Column, Bore Bit,etc.: ZK2160DB/1000