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Looking For Gun Drills? Buy From Manufacutrer

GSM is one of major gun drilling tools manufacturers of China. At the moment, we are capable to provide single liped gun drill, double liped gun drill and gun drill with coated carbide bits.

Most common ones are brazed tools. But also capable to provide solid carbide gun drill. Maximum diameter is 40mm and length is 4000mm. 

Besides, we also provide wide range of shank for option to satisfy different mounting and driving situation. We also do customization in term of drawings, coming samples and specific requirement, etc. 

To buy drilling tools from GSM, can save your money cause we provide 100% factory price and quality. Also saves your energy, cause we provide wide range of products for option and comperhensive services. 

What Is Gun Drill 

Gun drills are specialized hole cutting tools for gun drilling machines. 

The drilling tools are not only used in drilling deep hole, but also widely applied in processing of precise shallow hole. 

The coolant of gun drills is through inner coolant hole and chips are removed along “V” groove existed outside. The gun drilling process is also called “outer chip removing and inner coolant” drilling technology. 


gun drill coolant hole




Solid Carbide Gun Drill Tool:  Solid carbide gun drill tool contains a tip and body which is one-piece casted of carbide. And brazed into the shank.This type of tool has a very high rigidity. Therefore, can achieve a very high feed rates and precision. But because the limitation of diameter (normally tool diameter is from 0.5mm to 12mm), this hole cutting tool’s length is short. However, it allows resharpen and recoating of the drilling tool. So get high performance at peak production.

Brazed Gun Drilling Tool: Brzed gun drilling tool has tip, body and shank are brzed together. The tip is made of carbide. body and shank are usually made of steel alloy. This is the most common and widely used tool.  Because its low cost and short lead-time in manufacturing. Besides, the length of gun drill can be manufactured as required. The diameter range of tool is from 2mm to 40mm and length is up to 5000mm. Also contains high rigidity. But compare with solid carbide type, this one’s less rigidity, less feed rate and thus, less feed rates in drilling smaller diameter. 

We normally see single liped gun drills and double liped gun drills. Sinle liped one is the most commonly used. And double liped is normally seen in drilling easy cutting and chip breaking material.

drilling tool double fluted gun drills





Stepped Single Liped Gun Drill: The type of gun drill is a brazed one. Normally used in drilling of deep hole with different diameter. Through one-time drilling, can achieve maximum coaxiality. 

gun drill bits





Coated Tool: The coating is mainly on carbide gun drill bits. Achieves high abilities of surface hardness, anti-wearing, stable chemical properties, heat-resisting, oxidation-resisiting, small friction factor and lower thermal conductivity, etc. The performance is 30% improved than normal types. Promotes 0.5~1 grade of precsion. Can reduce  20%~50% of consumption cost. Normal cotaing material includes TiN, TiAlN and AlCrN, etc.

cnc tool for drilling

Length Calculation

Bellowing picture helps you to calculate the length of gun drill you need. This is very important when choose right model.