GSM Gun Drill Grinder

Gun drill grinder of GSM is a specialized regrinding machine for sharpening of tool. Through regrinding,can greatly improve gun drill’s life and gun drilling performance.

Besides the grinder, there is also gun drill fixture. It is a special tooling to clamp gun drill when grinding.The grinding efficiency and precision will be greatly improved the two machine work together.

The grinding machine is an indispensable equipment cooperate with gun drilling process . Through a regular regrinding management, protect gun drills from broken, improve cutting precision and surface quality,etc.


The series number is RMQ-A.It is a specialized tooling for clamping of gun drill when grinding. Through one-time clamping of this fixture, all grinding angle can be acomplished. Grinding range is ∅3mm – ∅40mm.

gun drill grinder




Model is M6025. Equipped with high precise rolling guide rail and high speed motor. Smooth movement with small friction force.Grinding wheel can horizontally and vertically move. Cooperate with the  fixture, can get higher  grinding efficiency and precision.

gun drill grinder