Gun Drill Bits Properties

  • excellent chip breaking ability
  • high dimensional precision
  • Made of excellent material
  • Easy installation
  • high rigidity and hardness
  • meets processing requirement of most materials
  • Durable quality
gun drill

Gun Drill General Knowledge

Gun drill is a straight cutting tool for deep hole drilling. The drilling diameter is from diameter 0.5mm to 50mm. Is consisted of bits, tube and shank ( also named as driver).

Tube is made to support and prolong effective drilling part to meet requirements of certain drilling depth. It is also fluted as drill bits to remove chips. And coolant hole inside to let cooling fluid go through to cool and lubricate drilling.

Gun drill bits are normally made of carbide. And for some certain requirements, also made of steel but with carbide inserts. The bits are effective drilling part.

Shank is also named as driver because it is a part to connect with spindle to drive the tool rotating. There are many kinds of shank although there’s surely industrial standard. 

A gun drilling tool is normally brazed of bits, tube and shank. But for small size (diameter 0.5~12mm), the tool is often made of one-piece solid carbide.

GSM Gun Drilling Tools Supply

GSM manufactures and provides gun drills of all size. And also OEM in term of specific requirement. Regularly manufacture following types of gun drilling tools.

  • All size is available;
  • Single fluted gun drilling tool;
  • Twin fluted tools;
  • Tools with indexable inserts;
  • Coated tools;
  • OEM in term of specific requires