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GSM Gun Drill Properties

Gun drill is a specialized cutting tool in CNC deep hole drilling. GSM’s drilling tool has following properties.

Diameter range: 3 – 40mm

Overall length:  5000mm (maximum)

The rated grinding angle fits for drilling of the most of material.  After using, through re-grinding can prolong the service life.

Gun Drill Types


Brazed Single Fluted Tool

Single fluted type is the most common type. And the most widely used.

Contains one-piece carbide drill bit and steel drill bit with carbide inserts. 

The tube and shank are made of steel material. And through heat treatment. 

The three parts are brazed to be a complete tool.

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Tool With Coated Bits

This type of tool contains characteristics like high surface hardness, stable chemical properties, good anti-wearing ability, small friction coefficient and lower thermal conductivity, etc. 

Compare with uncoated type, the cutting performance is 30% higher. The driling precision can be promoted to be grade 0.5~1. The consumption  is 20%-50% lower. 

Coating is normally by TiN,TiAN and AlCrN, etc.

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double fluted drilling tool

Double Fluted Tool

Double fluted type has two symetrical flute. The cutting oil cycling system is the same with single fluted.  

Because of limited chip space, the tool is only suiteble for material of easy processing and chip breaking.

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Single Fluted Step Gun Drill

The tool is capable to finish different diameter drilling at one time. It is single fluted and can meet highest concentricity requirement.

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Overall Length Calculation

overall length

Overall Length L=LA+W+LB+L2+H

L= total length of gun drill from end of shank to very top of bit

L1=effective length

D= diameter of drill bit

H=shank length

W=drilling depth

LA=grinding reserve

LB=width of guide system

L2= minimum chip removing distance

GSM Shank Types

GSM has standard types of shank. You can tell “shank code” when purchasing.

If you have special requirement, please send your drawings for OEM.

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