CNC Machine Manufacturer Since 1958

CNC machine manufacturer, Xi’an Machine Tool Factory was established in 1958 as a state-owned enterprise.Specialized in drilling, turning, milling filed. 

For years of development, the factory accumulated rich experience and technical data in metal processing machine filed, especially in R&D drilling machines, in entire 1960s.

Drilling Machine Manufaacturer Since 1970s

Pointed by the former National Machinery Industry Ministry of China, the factory began to R&D & manufacture deep hole drilling machine in 1970s. And focused on deep drilling machine for holes which diameter is no bigger than 30mm.

Since then, the factory became the earliest deep hole drilling expert of China.

drilling machine manufacturer
drilling machine manufacturer certificate

2004, Birth of GSM

Because of  economic policy of China, Xi’an Machine Tool Factory was re-organized in 2004. As a result, Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (GSM for short) was established as a professional deep hole drilling machine manufacturer.

For decades of experience and technology accumulation,  GSM is still a leading deep hole drilling machine manufacturer of China.

GSM is certified as National High-tech Enterprise and pointed as Metal Material Deep Hole Drilling Technology and Application Engineering Laboratory. Besides, all of GSM’s machines are CE cetificated. All manufacturing is under ISO and Industrial standard. Further more, GSM has obtained more than 20 types of national patent.

The workshop has occupied more than 3800m² area with facilities for full production lines. Capable to complete in-house production, assembly and inspection.

Today, GSM has developed series of deep hole drilling machine includes concentric hole gun drilling, multiple deep hole gun drilling , 3-axis drillng,and BTA drilling machine  .

For better service, GSM also established complete production line for gun drilling tools

Additionally, with its own facilities, GSM also provides high quality deep hole machining services. Mainly processing deep holes for kinds of parts. Also can do turning and milling ,etc. 

Today, GSM has served more than 500 domestic clients. And started to serve clients of overseas like German, Phillipines, Turkey, etc.