Deep Hole Machining Services

Deep hole machining services of GSM is by its own facilities.

All machines for deep hole drilling are manufactured by GSM. Includes gun drilling machines and BTA drillling machines. Capable taking care of most of deep hole drilling jobs.

Also equipped with milling and turning machines. Capable handling basic surface treatment, etc.   

With strong R&D ability, GSM strictly research and produce in term of all coming drawings, sample components and specific requirements.

Material We Handle

GSM can handle most metal material such as  structural steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, nitriding steel; aluminium; titanium; copper material, etc., as well as non-metal material like organic glass. 

At the moment, with our flexible tooling, GSM is capable of handling shaft parts, box-shaped parts and non-standard shaped parts, from small to large and from light to heavy. 

Save Your Energy & Money

Still struglling about deep hole drilling ? Want an expertise to drill deep hole for you? Don’t hesitate to contact GSM.

With our facilities and experts, we can save your energy and time when you :

  • Require batch production of components;
  • Require high drilling precision and finishing;
  • Want to drill multiple deep hole on one part;
  • Need to process shallow hole at extreme high precision;
  • Process deep hole on non-standard parts.

deep hole machining