Deep Hole Machining Services

Deep hole machining services of GSM is by its own machining shop. All deep hole drilling machines are produced by GSM. Include gun drill machine, BTA deep hole drilling machine,etc. Realizes efficient and high precise drilling, reaming and boring. GSM can also meets basic turning, milling, etc.

With strong R&D ability, GSM strictly research and produce in term of all coming drawings, sample components and specific requirements.

GSM can handle most metal material such as  structural steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, nitriding steel; aluminium; titanium; copper material, etc., as well as non-metal material like organic glass.

Beside strict production procedure, GSM also introduced highest level of quality inspection with advanced measurement device like 3-coordinate measuring device to test dimensional precision. GSM guaranteed to deliver promised quality.

For decades, GSM have stepped into various industrial fields such as die mold, auto parts, petroleum, power supply, medical, textile machinery,etc. 

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GSM Machining Solves...

As a leading expert of deep hole drilling, GSM machining perfectly helps you to save your time and money in: 

  • Batch deep hole drilling of large quantity of components;
  • Require for high diameter tolerance, straightness, skewness, etc when drilling;
  • Multiple hole processing;
  • Machining shallow hole at extreme high precision;
  • Needs high level surface treatment;
  • CNC machining non-standard parts.
deep hole machining
deep hole machining
deep hole machining
deep hole machining
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