Deep hole drilling machines of GSM is divided into gun drilling machines and BTA machines.

All machines are CNC controlled, so that easy for operation.

Gun drilling machines use gun drills as cutting tool, which is extermal chip remiving and internal cooling. Because of feeding of drilling spindle and travelling of worktable, the machines can handle multiple deep holes.

BTA machiens are mainly used in drilling large diameter. As GSM standard, the BTA drilling diameter start at 16mm. And BTA can achieve large length-to-diameter ration of 400:1.

Generally, machines of GSM are consist of bed, drilling part, clamping part, coolant system, CNC system and filter system ,etc. 

GSM also introduced multiple auto loading ways.

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Design & Configuration

deep hole drilling machines

Stability & Color

HT300 one-piece casted machine bed, spindle box and boxes, etc.

High rigidity by 3D dissecting of structure and artificial aging. Thus, reduces vibration and deformation during processing.

Introduced full closed protection and partial protection.

White (RAL9003) for upper part and gray (RAL7046) for machine bed as GSM color code.

deep hole drilling machines

CNC System

FANUC, SYNTEC and GSK for your option.

Drilling parameter can be programmed.

Therefore, convenient for operation.

deep hole drilling machines

Spindle System

Step-less rotating and feeding.

High speed precise mechanical spindle, spindle motor, frequency motor and motorized spindle driving for option.

High pressure rotary joint inserts cutting fluid into drilling tool from back of spindle.

Introduced DEBULIN from USA and ROTOFLUX from Italy for option.

deep hole drilling machines

Transmission System

Introduced linear guide and ball screw of high rigidity and precision.

Becasue of precise and smoot sliding, efficient, precise and stable drilling is sevured.

Lubricated by automatic batch lubrication pump.

deep hole drilling machines

Auxiliary Chip Flushing Device

On side of chip box.

Manual and automatic control.

Efficiently help to remove chips.

deep hole drilling machines

Drilling Tube Support

Driven by chains.

When tool returns keeping the structure on average position.

Help to conveniently replace tools.

deep hole drilling machines

Adjustable Drill Driver Structure

Gun drilling tool’s length changed after grinding.

But can keep uniformity of tool’s length by setting gauge and adjustable shank.

Thus, ensures uniformity of drilling depth of multiple spindle machines.


Overview of Safety Function

The whole machine is equipped with multiple monitoring, alarming and inter-locking functions.

Equipped with cutting fluid pressure adjusting, monitoring and displaying device.

Automatic tool wearing and breaking inspection.

Automatic alarm and stop when currency beyond rated value.

coolant pump

High Pressure Coolant Pump

Optional plunger pump, gear pump, vane pump, etc in term of different drilling demands.

Ensures better lubrication, coolant and chip removing.

deoiling device machine learning overview

Separation of Cutting Fluid Transmission and Steel Chip

Optional magnetic chip remover and scrap chip remover.

Programmable start and stop separation and automatic chip removing.

Automatic on-site de-oiling device is an optional equipment. 

coolant machine learning overview

Cutting Fluid Coolant Machine

High power and digital control.

coolant machine learning overview

Fluid Tank

Unfiltered area introduced special designed fluid return path to prolong the circulation.

Better sediment of chip and coolant of oil.

Equipped with fluid level switch. Automatic alarm and stop when lack of fluid.

paper filter machine learning overview

Drum Paper Tape Filter

Final filter device of the system.

Full closed filtering.

Automatic paper feeding.

Filtering accuracy can be 20um.

GSM Machine Order Code

Please refer to bellowing picture to learn GSM machine code. Which tells you the meaning of each element in machine mode.

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