Deep hole drilling machines of GSM conatin gun drill machines and BTA deep hole drilling machines.

What is gun drilling? Because deep hole drilling machine is widely used in drilling gun barrel, as time goes by, the name “gun drilling”  is fixed. Typically,  gun drilling stands for drilling technology of internal cooling and external chip removing. Because of the unique structure of gutting tool. Normally, gun drilling fits for drilling 10:1 of length-to-diameter ratio.

Then, what BTA stands for?  The full name of BTA is Boring and Trepanning Association. Thus, we know BTA fits for drilling big diameter (≥16mm). Because the drilling head is connected by a single tube, it is also call STS (single tube system). BTA drilling can meet extreme length-to-diameter requirement such as 400:1.

Here we introduce main features of our machines. Besides, you can also have a general idea about ordering code of GSM. Which may help you to have a clear idea of our models.

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  • HT300 one-piece cast bed, spindle boxes, saddles, etc. 
  • Artificial aging and 3D dissecting of structure, ensures high rigidity. Restrains vibration and deformation during high speed processing. 
  • FANUC, SYNTEC and GSK CNC system for option.
  • Multiple monitoring, alarming and inter-locking functions. Ensures world-class level safety.
  • Strict precision control, secure high diameter tolerance, straightness and finishing.

deep hole drilling machines


Please refer to bellowing picture to learn GSM machine code. This code is for ordering if clearly knowing specific model you need. And helps you to have a general idea about model’s meaning. Thus, you may write a model for your own and let us to confirm.

buy machine order codee.g.: ZK2108×4B/1500

ZK21: cnc deep hole drilling machine

08: drilling diameter 8mm

4: 4 spindles

B: counter-rotary of workpiece and drilling spindle

1500: Max.drilling depth is 1500mm