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Offset gun drilling machine series of GSM meets drilling of concentric, eccentric and indexing deep holes.

Fits for processing rotary shaft type workpiece.

Machines of the series are widely used in industries such as mineral machinery, hydraulic, texitile machinery, automobile ,etc.

ZK21C models are capable for drilling concentric deep hole. Besides,equipped with lateral travelling worktable. Therefore, satisfy drilling of eccentric holes at the same horizontal level. The lateral travelling of worktable can be NC controlled or digital displayed.

Offset gun drilling machine ZK21E can drill deep hole at large length-to-diamter ratio. Through lateral travelling and NC indexing unit, satisfy drilling eccentric and indexing deep hole. Also capable for drilling concentric hole.

Especially, model ZK2130E/2500 gun drilling machine is GSM’s unique deisgn with national technology patent.

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