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Gun drill machine of GSM meets drilling deep hole of most material. It is widely applied in automobile, hydraulic, mould, heavy machinery, medical parts, etc. 

Not only capable for drilling shaft round bars, but also satisfy drilling of special shaped parts through flexible tooling.

Through lateral and vertical travelling, the series also capable drilling concentric, eccentric and graduated deep holes. 

Introduced 1, 2 and 4 spindle design.

Drilling diameter is from 1.5mm to 40mm. And the length-to-diameter ratio is 10:1.

The standard deviation of gun drill machine is 0.5/1000mm or 1/1000mm accordingly. The stadnard roughness is from Ra0.4 – Ra6.3 and tolerance range is from IT7-IT11. However, in term of the specific requirement, the extreme surface quality and precision can be satisfied.

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