3-axis CNC gun drill machine of GSM realizes drilling deep hole on multi positions of workpiece.

This series has two models ZK21F and ZK21G. ZK21F CNC gun drill machines have smaller loading capacity than ZK21G. 

Because of small loading capacity, ZK21F series’ worktable is vertically(Y-axis) and laterally (X-axis) moving. The drilling spindle is feeding(Z-axis) .Suitable for drilling deep hole of shaft and box shaped parts with small and light weight. By the movement of worktable and drilling spindle, the machines can drilling both concentric and offset deep holes on horizontal and vertical positions.

ZK21F is introduced 1 spindle and 2 spindles design for option.

ZK21G gundrilling machine is equipped with large loading capacity worktable. Thus, worktable is lateral travelling ( X-axis) and drilling spindle is vertically travelling(Y-axis) and feeding (Z-axis). Fits for deep hole processing of large size box shaped and special shaped parts.

ZK21G only introduced 1 spindle design.

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3 Axis CNC Gun Drill Machine Series

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3 Axis CNC Gun Drill Machine Series

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3 Axis CNC Gun Drill Machine Series

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