deep hole drilling machine

Model Of Deep Hole Drilling Machines

GSM’s coding for machine model is basically based on Industrial Standard of China. ZK21 in the beginning stands for all drilling machines. And the combination of number or words on different positions behind “ZK21” will define what the machine is finally. Please see the diagram bellowing.

buy machine order codee.g.: ZK2108×4B/1500

ZK21: cnc deep hole drilling machine

08: drilling diameter 8mm

4: 4 spindles

B: counter-rotary of workpiece and drilling spindle

1500: Max.drilling depth is 1500mm

Machine General Features 

  • Horizontal layout design and consisted of two parts. One is machine bed, another is coolant & filter system. 
  • Reduce the impact of vibration.
  • Coolant and filter system provides cutting oil for lubrication and collect cutting chips. Intoruced 5-grade filter system to realize high precision filtering. 
  • HT300 one-piece cast bed, spindle boxes, saddles, etc. 
  • Artificial aging and 3D dissecting of structure, ensures high rigidity. Restrains vibration and deformation during high speed processing. 
  • FANUC, SYNTEC and GSK CNC system for option.
  • Multiple monitoring, alarming and inter-locking functions. Ensures world-class level of safety.
  • Tight precision control, secure high diameter tolerance, straightness and finishing.