Since1958, Begin...

As a leading deep hole drilling machine manufacturer of China, Xi’an Machine Tool Factory was established in 1958. 

The factory was state owned. Dedicated into R&D and manufacturing lathe machine, milling machine, boring machine,etc.

Deep hole drilling machines were just stayed in drawings.

1978, An Expert...

Pointed by the former National Machinery Industry Ministry of China, the factory manufactured deep hole drilling machines (mainly for drilling diameter ≤Φ30mm) in 1978, the first deep hole drilling machine was born.

2004, Birth of GSM & Today...

In 2004, since development of Chinese economy, Xi’an Machine Tool Factory was re-organized. Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (GSM for short) was established as a private enterprise. 

Main management team and engineers of GSM are from the factory. Also with accumulated technical experience of more than 30 years. GSM is now still a leading manufacturer in deep hole drilling technology of China.

GSM is certified as National High-tech Enterprise and pointed as Metal Material Deep Hole Drilling Technology and Application Engineering Laboratory. Besides, GSM is also a ISO and CE certified manufacturer.

Now the workshop occupied more than 3800m² area with complete manufacturing,testing and material supply facilities. Enables GSM to finish in-house parts handling, assembly and inspection of quality. 

With strong R&D ability, GSM has developed gun drilling machines of ZK21,ZK21C,ZK21E,ZK21F,ZK21G series, BTA machine ZK21D series and gun drilling tools.

By GSM own facilities, also provides high quality parts OEM services. The main processing is fast batch deep hole drilling. Also contains turning and milling ,etc. 

Today, GSM is still a leading manufacturer in deep hole drilling filed of China. And has served overseas deep hole drilling clients with machines, tools and complete services.