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Who We Are

Drilling machine manufacturer was named as Xi’an Machine Tool Factory. Established in 1958, and has been dedicated in deep hole drilling since 1974.

In 2004,  after reformation, the factory changed the name to be Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (GSM for short). Specialized in deep hole drilling engineering only. At the moment, GSM is a CE and ISO certificated enterprise and has occupied more than 20 types of national technology copyright.

What We Do 

R&D and manufacture all types of gun drilling machines. Introduced single and multi spindle version. Drilling diameter from 1.00mm to 40.00mm up to 4000mm length. Besides, also manufacture BTA deep hole drilling machines. Drilling diameter start at 16mm. Boring diameter reaches 150mm. 

We help our clients to save production cost with flexible automation as well.

Futhermore, GSM also manufacutre and supply gun drills. Diameter is from 4mm and overall length reaches 3000mm. 

Additionally, GSM also provides subcontract services for deep hole machining services with our own facilities.

Our Quality & Support

All production activities are under ISO management system. All procedures are monitored to ensure the quality and reliability of machines.

All of our products are CE certificated. With multi safety and alarming function, make safe operation. 

Complete and constant technical support, make no worry about  comission, engineer traning and parts replacement, etc. 

Global Solution

In domestic market, GSM supplies machines and services for more than 500 clients. 

GSM has began exportation to abroad since 2009. Now our machines are existed in countries like Poland, Turkey, German, Phillipines, etc. 

We provide turnkey deep hole drilling solution globally. Welcome for inquiries and requests.