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deep hole drilling machine

Who Is Drilling Machine Manufacturer

Drilling machine manufacturer’s predecessor is Xi’an Machine Tool Factory. Was established in 1958 as a state-owned enterprise, manufactured machine tools for drilling, turning, milling, etc.

From 1974, the factory began to focus its full energy on deep hole drilling machines which the drilling diameter is no bigger than 30mm.

In 2004, the factory became a private enterprise after reformation. And changed the name to be Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (GSM for short). Specialized in deep hole drilling technology.

Iherited technology of decades, make GSM a leading drilling manufacturer of China. Has occupied more than 20 types of national technology copyright.

What We Do 

R&D and manufacture all types of gun drilling machines. Includes concentric hole drilling,multiple hole drilling and 3-axis drilling. Introduced single and multi spindle version. Drilling diameter from 1.00mm to 40.00mm. Maximum drilling depth reahces 4000mm. 

Besides gun driling machines, now GSM also has developed BTA deep hole drilling machines. Drilling diameter start at 16mm. Boring diameter reaches 150mm. 

GSM also manufacutre and supply gun drills. Diameter is from 4mm and overall length reaches 3000mm. 

Additionally, GSM also provides CNC machining services. Mainly focuses on deep hole machining for all kinds of parts. Basic turning and milling is also available. Introduced our own facilities. Complete in-house production.

Our Quality & Support

GSM is an ISO certificated drilling machine manufacturer. All production activities are under scientific management. Each production procedure’s quality is under monitored. Therefore, ensures satisfied quality of complete machine.

All of our products are CE certificated as well. Conform to Euro and international safety standard.

Besides, since GSM defines quality as conformance to requirements, providing Fist Time Correct products and services is always our objective.

Therefore, GSM’s support is constant before and after sales. Before your purhcasing, GSM will try to understand your parts and proceissing situation, etc to make the most proper solution for you. That means, we customize machine for your own needs. And after-sales, we do comission, engineer traning and parts replacement, etc. 

We Work For More

In domestic market, GSM supplies machines and services for more than 500 clients. Almost be involved in all industrial filed, from tiny light parts to huge heavy parts. And has gained high reputation among users.

GSM began exportation to abroad market since 2009. Now our machines are existed in countried like Poland, Turkey, German, Phillipines, etc. 

We are working for more.

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