deep hole machineConcentric Hole Gun Drilling Machines

Deep hole drilling machine ZK21 series is for gun drilling process. Fits for drilling concentric hole of rotary shaft parts. Introduced single spindle machine and multi spindle drilling machine for different requirements. Serves industries like auto parts, medical, hydraulic, gun barrel, etc.

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drill machine china

Multiple Hole Gun Drilling Machines

The series includes ZK21C and ZK21E. K21C is able to drill concentric, and eccentric  hole. ZK21E is drilling indexing hole plus the two types mentioned. 1 and 2 spindles design for option. Widely used in heavy machinery industry like mining and textile machinery ,etc.

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drilling machine china3-axis Gun Drilling Machines

The series meets drilling hole on X and Y axis. Also realizes  Z axis travelling (feeding). Designed for deep hole processing of heavy workpiece. So belongs to heavy duty machine series.  Widely used in mold industry and big size parts processing.  

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deep hole drilling btaBTA Drilling Machines

BTA drilling machine is mainly to drill large diameter deep hole (diameter no less than 16mm). The machine is also capable to drill large length-to-diameter ratio (400:1). Use BTA drilling tool. The efficiency is about 2-4 times higher than gun drilling. Especially suitable for drilling material like stainless steel, low-carbon steel, etc.

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deep hole tools


As a leading manufacturer in this filed, GSM R&D and manufacture gun drilling tools beside machines. Not only drill bits, but also complete gun drills includes shank and tube. All sizes are available and can customize for special requirement. High rigidity and durable using.

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deep hole machining


GSM mainly provides CNC deep hole machining services for kinds of parts. Supported by GSM R&D and facilities. Enable to process in term of specific requirments, drawings ans samples, etc. CNC service like turning, milling is also available.

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The predecessor of GSM is Xi’an Machine Tool Factory. Established in 1958. Mainly manufactures CNC machine tool of drilling, milling and turning.

In 1970s, was pointed by former National Machinery Industry Minstry of China, the factory was mainly engaged in deep hole drilling filed.

For decades, the factory was a leading manufacturer of gun drilling machine for diameter smaller than 30mm.

As policy of Chinese government, the factory was reformed and GSM has been established as a private company.

Because of technology accumulation, GSM is a leading manufacturer since its establishement. Besides, GSM has developed complete solution by gun drilling machines, BTA machines, tools and CNC machining services.

For years of efforts, GSM has earned:

20+  state technology patent has been occupied, ISO and CE certificated; 

50+  years of metal processing machinery experience;

30+  years experience R&D and manufacturing of  deep hole drilling machines;

500+  clients of  doemstic and overseas has been served.

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