GSM is a leading deep hole drilling machine manufacturer specialized in deep hole solution since 1958.For decades, GSM has greatly contributed to the development of industry by CNC gun drilling and BTA machines, gun drilling tools and parts machining services. GSM always benefits clients by prestigious quality, competitive price and comprehensive support services.

deep hole drilling

Gun drilling machine of GSM is for CNC driling deep hole with gun drill method. Capable drilling multiple holes on most parts. Widely used in drilling medical pins, ejector sleeves, cam shafts and steering shafts, etc. 

deep hole drilling

BTA is a single tube deep hole drilling system.Drill hole diameter bigger than 16mm. The Max.drilling depth can be 4000mm.Mainly drilling cylinder shaped parts. Widely used in hydraulic,mineral machinery, etc.

deep hole drilling locate

If you have a clear idea about diameter, length, etc of your parts, you can go ahead to quickly choose a proper machine.You can also locate in term of parts type, industries, etc. GSM also recommend typical models for your reference.

deep hole drilling

Gun drill is a kind of cutting tool of gun drilling.The gun drilling tools are consisted of bits, tubes and shanks. GSM produce drilling tools of all types and size with high dimensional precision and rigidity. 


With its own technology and facilities, GSM provides high quality CNC machining services.Mainly focus on deep hole machining, but also custom parts by CNC turning, milling ,etc. Also capable for precise assembly services.