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Concentric Hole Gun Drilling Machine

Deep hole gun drilling machine fits for drilling concentric hole of rotary shaft parts. 1,2,4 miltiple spindles design to meet different requirement.Drilling diameter:  1mm to 30mm. Drilling depth: up to 4000mm.

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Multiple Hole Gun Drilling Machine

Gun drill machines realize deep hole drilling of multiple holes like concentric and eccentric holes.Widely used in heavy machinery industry.1 and 2 spindles design. Drilling diameter:  5mm to 30mm. Drilling depth: up to 3000mm.

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3-Axis Gun Drilling Machine

3-axis gun drilling machine meets drilling of heavy and special shaped workpiece. Worktable and drilling spindle travelling.1,2 and 4 spindle design.Deep hole drill diameter is from 5mm to 35mm. Maximum hole drilling depth is 2200mm.

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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine

BTA drilling machine is  for drilling large length-to-diameter ratio . The efficiency is higher than gun drilling, but has minimum diameter limitation.Drilling diameter is from 16mm to 100mm. Boring diameter is from 40mm to 150mm. Maximum drilling depth is 4000mm.

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GSM has been in deep hole drilling engineering since 1974. For decades’ efforts, we are capable to provide turnkey services and solution for multi industries such as aerospace, heavy machinery, gun barreal, automotive, etc.

Our drilling machine series includes CNC gun drilling machines and BTA drilling machines. Design and manufacture is mainly in term of specific drilling requirement and situation of workpiece. Besides, we also design automation  for reducing of cost of manpower and easy on-site management. All of our machines are CE certificated, robust and safe for using.

From beginning of 21st century, GSM began to manufacture gun drills of all kinds as well. And after more than 15 years efforts, now become one of main gun drill supplier of China. And for convenient using and maintanence, we also provide grinding gears

Futhermore, we also provide sub-contract deep hole drilling service for those who don’t want to buy a machine or have too many different workpeice to handle. Our service is cost-effective and efficient. 


GSM is here to provide global deep hole drilling solution. 

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